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Microwave Cozy Kitchen Set

This Microwave Cozy Kitchen Set features a famous Old Red Truck holiday scene with the old red pickup truck full of golden retriever puppies or pine trees. Background is white. Reverse side of the cozy and potholder is a matching coordinating cotton. You will be proud to gift this lovely (but inexpensive) gift.



Microwave Cozy Kitchen Set

Microwave Cozy Kitchen Sets are perfect for retrieving bowls you want to heat up and then take out of the microwave without burning your fingers!  This Kitchen Set, which includes reversible microwave cozy and matching potholder, has the popular old red truck scene full of golden retriever puppies and/or Christmas tree and gifts, and coordinating fabric on the reverse side.

Instruction to use:

  1. place bowl of food inside this specially designed pad.
  2. place in microwave for desired time.
  3. when heating is complete, pick up any 2 corners of the cozy and remove the bowl.

You are ready to eat, and no burned fingers because you have used the cozy as a shield from the hot bowl.

Pellon Wrap-N-Zap™

We strongly recommend Wrap-N-Zap™ for safety reasons for any microwave cozy. Itis designed specifically to use inside microwave cozies.  And we use it in all of ours! Pellon recommends: “use in 2 minute interval for a maximum of 8 minute.”  Use this product for microwave use, not oven use. You can use our Microwave Bowl Cozies to fit about any size bowl. They were designed to fit a typical soup or cereal bowl…base being 4″-4 1/2″ with a top diameter of 8″-9″; however, personal experience indicates they will accommodate a bowl of about any size.

Other Uses:

You can keep the bowl in them, and use the cozy-bowl combination to pass dishes around a serving table.  And several customer have told me they love them to hold ice cream dishes, so their fingers and hands don’t get cold.


Wash as needed.   Just toss in washer on Gentle Cycle and let air dry on back of bowl to retain its shape.

Location made: Proudly made in the Granger, Indiana (not China).

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