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Fresh Corn Gift Set

Fresh Corn gift set includes a Matching Kitchen BOA with “Kiss the Cook” embroidered on one towel, (see BOA photo-description below), a Microwave Bowl Cozy, and Potholder. Colors are greens, yellows, and white.  One towel is white with fine green stripes. The towel on the other end of the BOA is green, with beautifully embroidered “Kiss the Cook”.




Fresh Corn Gift Set

Our Fresh Corn kitchen gift set includes a matching Kitchen Boa, Microwave Cozy, and Potholder.

About Kitchen BOAs

In case the term Kitchen BOA is new to you, it is a unique and very useful kitchen accessory that offers stylish function so the cooks can focus on cooking and baking while keeping a towel at hand. Our stylish boas with attached kitchen towels offer hands-free convenience.

How many times have you had a soggy, dirty towel on your shoulder? Or you just couldn’t find a towel when you needed one? No more! Wear one of our custom Kitchen BOAs and folks will know you’re the real deal in the kitchen.  Photos shows and shows you how they are worn and reasons to wear them!

There’s something for everyone and every style – even the manly chefs in your kitchen!.  These little beauties are not only stylish, but a handy item to have with you as you cook or grill.

Kitchen BOAs


Kitchen Set including all three items is $30, a savings over buying each item individually. And they all match, making for a perfect and original gift!

Learn more about BOA’s here:

About Microwave Cozies:

Microwave Cozy Kitchen Sets are perfect for retrieving bowls you want to heat up and then take out of the microwave without burning your fingers!  This Kitchen Set, which includes reversible microwave cozy and matching potholder, has a heartwarming holiday scene with horses, sleighs full of gifts, red barns, pine trees on one side, and coordinating fabric on the reverse side.

Instruction to use:

  1. place bowl of food inside this specially designed pad.
  2. place in microwave for desired time.
  3. when heating is complete, pick up any 2 corners of the cozy and remove the bowl.

You are ready to eat, and no burned fingers because you have used the cozy as a shield from the hot bowl.

Why a Microwave Cozy is safe to use in Microwave:

Pellon Wrap-N-Zap™ is strongly recommended for safety reasons for any microwave cozy.  It constitutes the insides of all of our reversible microwave cozies is made from .  Pellon recommends to “use in 2 minute intervals…for a maximum of 8 minute.”  Pellon Wrap_N-Zap™ is designed for microwave use, not oven use.

About the Size:

This Microwave Bowl Cozy will accommodate a bowl of about any size even though it was designed to fit a typical soup or cereal bowl…base being 4″-4 1/2″ with a top diameter of 8″-9″.  I have used it to hold larger bowls, and had no problem.

Other Uses:

I also often keep the bowl in them, and use the cozy-bowl combination to pass warm or hot dishes around the serving table.  And customers have told me they love them to hold ice cream dishes, so their fingers and hands don’t get cold.


Wash as needed.   Just toss in washer on Gentle Cycle and let air dry on back of bowl to retain its shape.  Or if you’re in a hurry like me, throw it in the dryer; but it will not retain it’s original shape as nicely until you’ve used it a couple times.

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