Style Size Comparison

Following are examples showing how each of our handbag styles look and compare from a size perspective:

13" W. x 10.5" H.
One Zipper at top
2 pockets outside, 3 inside.
Designer Crossbody
10.5" W. x 11" H. Zipper on Top, and Zipper on back. 2 outside pockets, 3 inside pockets. Front and back are "fancy cut" (much more fabric used to cut out a specific scene), often different front and back but designed to coordinate
Shoulder Bag
Zipper top
2 invisible pockets outside, 3 pockets inside
16.5" W. x 9.5" H. x 4" D
Tote no zipper
3 pockets inside, 2 outside
16.5" W. x 12" H. x 4" D