Wine Tote 109


Padded wine tote created in a snowflake print. The word ENJOY embroidered on a denim panel. Lined, padded, beautiful.

Wine Tote “Enjoy” embroidered

Denim panel with “Enjoy” embroidered in Silver.  Top and alternate side is a beautiful Christmas light blue snowflake print. Lining is a coordinating cotton.

Do you remember which of your friends, relatives, neighbors, gave you a bottle of wine last year? Probably not. But if they had given you that bottle of wine in a beautiful hand-made, lined, padded, embroidered, washable wine tote, you would. Because you would still have that tote, and use it whenever you want to carry a bottle to a friends home.  So this year, make your gift of wine more memorable. Give it with a gorgeous hand-made wine tote.

Totes can be personalized with a name or initials for $5 additional.

Enjoy embroidered on snowflake print padded wine tote




Wine Tote “Enjoy” embroidered

  • PREVENTS BREAKAGE: Transport your wine safely.  This wine carrier is made of high-quality cotton fabric and interfacing that provides cushioning for wine bottles during transportation and helps prevent accidental breakage of bottles. Separate single bottle wine totes ensure that the bottles don’t clank together.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Pack your wine gift in the perfect hostess gift. They will eventually forget the contents, but not your beautiful reusable tote.
  • CAN BE PERSONALIZED: Pack favorites in a personalized wine bag for an extra special gift.
  • PERFECT GIFT for wine lovers.
  • STOCKING STUFFER: Wine Tote “Enjoy” embroidered makes a great stocking stuffer.
  • GIVE YOUR PARTY GIFT WITH CONFIDENCE: You will arrive to the party in style.

Customized Wine Tote:  This year, make your gift of wine more memorable. Give it with a custom gorgeous hand-made wine tote.  Wine totes can be custom created and personalized with a name or initials (or any 5 words or less) for $5 additional.  Just email me with the word(s) or initials you want on your custom wine tote.   Any one name, 3 initials, or up to 5 words will be $5.  Additional words will be $2 each.

More expensive bags including bags that accommodate multiple bottles can be found here.

More information about our wine totes can be found here.


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