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Tuscany Wine Tote “Wine Tasting” has the word “WINE TASTING”  embroidered on front.  Top and alternate side is my all-time favorite print:  a Tuscany countryside scene. Lining is a coordinating cotton. You will be proud to gift this stunning and special Wine Tote.

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Tuscany Wine Bottle Tote

Do your friends, relatives, neighbors remember that you gave them a bottle of wine last year? Probably not. Give them a bottle of wine in a beautiful hand-made, lined, padded, embroidered, washable wine tote, ( like Tuscany Wine Bottle Tote), and they will remember. It is special and memorable, and they will still have and use your tote next year.

  • PREVENT BREAKAGE: Transport your wine safely.  Tuscany Wine Bottle Tote carrier with Wine Tasting words and embroidered wine glass, is made of high-quality cotton fabric and interfacing that provides cushioning for gift bottles during transportation and helps prevent accidental breakage of bottles. Separate single bottle gift carriers ensure that the bottles don’t clank together.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Pack your wine gift in the perfect hostess gift. They will eventually forget the contents, but not your beautiful reusable bottle carrier.
  • CAN BE PERSONALIZED: Pack favorites in a personalized Wine Bottle Tote for an extra special gift (see instruction below).
  • PERFECT GIFT for wine lovers.
  • STOCKING STUFFER: Great stocking stuffer.
  • GIVE YOUR PARTY GIFT WITH CONFIDENCE: You will arrive at the party in style.
  • CUSTOMIZED:  This year, make your gift of wine more memorable. Give it with a custom gorgeous hand-made wine tote.  Our gift carriers can be custom created and personalized with a name or initials (or any 5 words or less) for $5 additional.  Just email me with the word(s) or initials you want on your custom wine tote.   Any one name, 3 initials, or up to 5 words will be $5.  Additional words will be $2 each.

Have wine, will travel! The high-quality fabric wine tote is perfect for taking a bottle on the go. The attractively printed holder with handle makes a cute carrier to help keep single wine bottles safe as you make your way to parties or get together with friends. It makes a useful, fun, creative gift bag for your wine. Available in your choice of many prints, including Christmas prints, the wine bag is a cool, cheap way to wrap that fine wine you’ve chosen as a gift and make it extra special. This inexpensive bottle carrier isn’t just for wine, it can hold other styles of liquor bottles too! It’s the perfect way to deliver a thank you gift to your party hosts, say a small thanks to the bridesmaids and groomsmen in your wedding party, wish someone special a Happy Birthday or Congratulations, or deliver your holiday party gift. Plus, the printed wine tote is reusable, so whoever receives it can use it to carry their own wine too! Alcohol not included.

Summarizing: never arrive at the party or BYOB restaurant with your favorite wine in a paper bag again! Our fashionable padded design, using premium fabric will keep you looking trendy on the way to a picnic, party, beach, or restaurant. The wine carrier is thermally insulated to keep your bottle of wine or champagne at the best temperature ready to enjoy. Easy to carry tote, you are now able to enjoy a bottle of wine whenever and wherever your adventure takes you!   The tote is high in quality and sturdy…insulated but not bulky. The perfect way to show up to a party or restaurant when your bring along wine.

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