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Harry Potter Slytherin


Another original Harry Potter bag by Handbags by Grace:  SLYTHERIN

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About Harry Potter Slytherin…

Slytherin is one of the four Houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was founded by Salazar Slytherin. Slytherins are known for being cunning and ambitious, although it is known to have produced many Dark wizards. According to J.K. Rowling, Slytherin roughly corresponds to the element of water. Slytherin House is one of the four houses into which students are Sorted when they start their first year at Hogwarts. Slytherin House was founded by Salazar Slytherin around 990AD. His personal belief in the superiority of Pure Blood wizards still influences the attitudes of Slytherin members today.  Slytherin produces more than its share of Dark wizards, but also turns out leaders who are proud, ambitious and cunning. Merlin is one particularly famous Slytherin.  Slytherin crossbody colors are green and silver because Slytherin house colours are green and silver.


Slytherin House



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