Michelle Cozy


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Michelle reversible microwave bowl cozies are perfect for retrieving bowls you want to heat up and then take out of the microwave without burning your fingers!  These cozies have a blue and yellow flower on one side, and blue and yellow plaid on the reverse side..  Instruction to use:
<li>place bowl of food inside this specially designed pad.</li>
<li>place in microwave for desired time.</li>
<li>when heating is complete, pick up any 2 corners of the cozy and remove the bowl.</li>
You are ready to eat, and no burned fingers because you have used the cozy as a shield from the hot bowl. It is recommended for safety reasons to “use in 2 minute intervals…for a maximum of 8 minute; this is designed for microwave use, not oven use. This Microwave Bowl Cozy will fit a typical soup or cereal bowl…base being 4″-4 1/2″ with a top diameter of 8″-9″. When washing is needed, simply toss in washer on Gentle Cycle OR hand wash and let air dry on back of bowl to retain its shape. Proudly made in the South Bend, Indiana


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