Messy Kitchen is Sign


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Messy Kitchen is a Sign of Happiness Kitchen Towel

16 x 28 white terry towel with the embroidered words Talkie Before Coffee. Embroidery also shows a dutch oven boiling over the sides.





Messy Kitchen is Sign Kitchen Towel

Messy Kitchen is Sign is a teal terry towel with the embroidered words “Messy Kitchen is a sign of Happiness” Kitchen Towel”.  Also embroidered is a dutch oven boiling over.

These wonderful Euro Cafe kitchen towels are made from 100% Pure 2 Ply Ringspun Cotton on Luxury Towel Looms. The waffle weave construction limits the lint and makes these highly absorbent. You will find these in high end European cafes, restaurants, and luxury homes. We have prewashed them before embroidering. These towels will instantly soak up any water without too much shedding or annoying lint and fibers. The 2 ply construction is very helpful for drying dishes, glasses, or just about anything in your kitchen. The size is so versatile that they may be used as hand towels as well. Towel measures 16×28 inches.

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