Basket of Kittens


Basket of Kittens Crossbody Bag with Free matching Mask

Basket of Kittens Crossbody Bag with Matching Free Mask

  • Basket of Kittens Crossbody Bag Style includes adjustable strap, top zipper, 5 pockets, free mask.
  • Print theme: nearly photo-realistic kittens playing, in basket, with yarn, flowers
  • Colors Outside:  Main print area tonal tan-white kittens and gray-white kittens, basket with daisies, kittens playing in green grass,  pink and white flowers, tan yarn.  Top and inside pockets are is a tan/brown basket print.
  • Colors Inside: Inside is a complimentary tiny light green & white polka dot, with 3 inside pockets of the same fabric as outside basket fabric.
  • Dimension:  12.5″ wide, 10″ tall, 2″ deep.
  • Inside: Lined
  • Straps: adjustable, tan
  • Zipper: tan
  • Hardware:  Strap hardware is antique brass tone
  • Pockets: 2 outside, 3 inside
  • Care:   Machine washable. Air dry.

All Handbags by Grace are ScotchGuard™ protected.

All Handbags by Grace are completely made in Granger Indiana—not China or Taiwan!



Basket of Kittens Crossbody includes matching FREE MASK

Crossbody bags are totally in!

And, since fanny packs went out of style, the cross-body bag is the most convenient solution if you’re carrying around a not-too-huge amount of stuff. I prefer microfiber to leather because they’re lighter in weight. This darling Basket of Kittens crossbody bag feels like it weighs nothing, until you put something inside. When you’re on the go or don’t want to carry a huge purse, a crossbody bag is a great option.

If you’re concerned about purse snatchers on the street or on public transportation, wearing your purse across your torso makes it more of a challenge to the bad guys who would like to snag your bag. With luck, they’ll move on to an easier target. (Make sure your purse is solidly closed and wear the opening against your body.)

Crossbody bags are designed to be worn on one side of the body with the strap looped over the opposite shoulder. Cross-body bags are functional fashion accessories created for men, women, and children. A Crossbody Bag remains secure when in place, while offering the wearer easy access to his or her items. As with any bag, the materials and construction method vary; but all Crossbody Bags constructed by Handbags by Grace are made from the highest quality fabric.  All Handbags by Grace bags, including this cute Basket of Kittens Crossbody Bag, are made completely in Granger Indiana—not China, or Taiwan, or Korea.  Did you know, for example, that almost all bags sold in department stores are made in China or Taiwan?  (Vera purses have not been made in the USA for several years.)

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