Bluebird Gathering


Bluebird Gathering is a collection of coordinated fabrics by designer Jackie Robinson

  • Colors:
    • Outside:  The main outside fabric is navy blue background lighter blues, grey, orange, peach, red, pink, blush, green and ivory as accents. The top band, zipper area and straps are a coordinated navy blue print with small flowers without the birds.
    • Inside:  The lining and outside horizontal accent is a ivory with pink outlines of bluebirds, and it includes six pockets made of the outside print fabrics.
  • Measurements:  17″ wide and 11″ high and 4″ deep
  • Closure: Recessed Zipper
  • Pockets: 2 hidden outside; 6 inside
  • Bottom:  4 metal feet on bottom
  • Straps:  26″


Bluebird Gathering includes two hidden pockets on the outside between the straps, 6 pockets inside, top zipper, and 4 silver metal feet on the bottom protect your bag when you have to sit it places you would rather not.

All Handbags by Grace are completely ScotchGuard® treated to protect the fabric from stains and moisture.

All fabrics including interfacing are machine washable; however, to maintain best possible shape, do not put handbag in dryer. Just shape it with your hands and let it air dry.


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